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Liquid Gasket Sealant



We are a well-established Liquid Gasket Sealant Manufacturer and Supplier. Our NEURON series Liquid Gasket Sealants are specially formulated for varied heavy-duty industries. They have excellent bonding properties and high durability. We can make available standard as well as custom-made Liquid Gasket Sealants. Place bulk orders with us.

Details :

NEURON 1600 Series liquid Gaskets are Single component Silicone Based liquid gaskets which prevents the leakages from the conventional solid sheet gasket. It exhibits an excellent performance by its properties like resistance to Water, Chemicals, Gasoline & Impact etc.
NEURON 1600 Series Liquid Gaskets are user friendly products which is to used by simply coating and assembling the flange surface and nut-bolts, screws of the engine etc.
These gaskets are widely used for making high performance , and cost saving FIP (Form In Place) gaskets. Due to Flowable/ self leveling properties the sealant flows between uneven surfaces also to exhibit a confirm leakage proof seal. These gaskets does not required any prolonged compression like conventional gasket, thus it offers hassle free operation of the assembly.

The varied application of NEURON 1600 Series Liquid Gasket are as follows :

• Oil Pan connection surfaces
• Oil Filter fitting surfaces
• Oil Pump connection surfaces
• Cylinder Head connection surfaces
• Water inlet connection surfaces
• Water outlet connection surfaces
• Transmission connection surfaces
• Differential connection surfaces
• Engine front end place connection surfaces
• Fuel pump connection surfaces.

Characteristics :

Single Component , Flowable , Self Leveling Room Temperature Curable Silicone Bases Gasket Sealant. Forms a peelable flexible film or a thin layer after curing .
Excellent resistance to Water, Chemicals, Gasoline and shock /vibration.
Gives fail proof seal by preventing leakages of oil, and gases under pressure at the joints.

Main Features :

• User Friendly liquid gaskets.
• Eliminates to the conventional sheet gaskets
• A Single product to meets varied application. No need to maintain an inventory of various shapes / types of conventional gaskets.

Product Highlight :

A Single Product to serve your need of Gasketing & reduces your costing substantially in addition to enhancement of the quality in your ultimate product.
Packing Available : 100 g Aluminium collapsible tube, 350 g cartridge, 20 kgs pail

Note : Our dedicated R & D professionals are always ahead to help your exceptional need of products . We formulates the products as per the end user’s specifications and design.






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