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Cylinder Head Gasket Compound




We deal in NEURON-1291 Cylinder Head Gaskets made from liquid silicone rubber. The Cylinder Head Gasket Compound, offered by us, is used in varied industrial applications. And to meet them all, we provide the Cylinder Head Gasket Compound in different specifications. Place the order now. We are a trusted Cylinder Head Gasket Compound Manufacturer and Supplier. We cater to buyers all over India.

Characteristics : Free-flowing, ready to use, modified silicone rubber that vulcanizes either at Room Temperature or at high temperatures.

Features :
• Single component
• Resistant to high temperatures
• Resistant to all kind of engine oils and water
• Can be pigmented

Applications : NEURON-1291 available withcream white to various colors, can be used for printing of sealing patterns for sulfur based or sulfur free cylinder head gaskets by silk screen printing.

Product data:

Color : cream white to various colors as per the customer requirements
Density @ 25oC : 1.18 to 1.21
Viscosity @ 25oC : Free Flowable to Thixotropic paste

Cured rubber properties :
Color : As like as uncured paste
Density@25° : 1.19 to 1.22
Tensile strength : 20-22kg/
Elongation,% : 300-340
Hardness Shore-A : 30-34
Tear resistance :

Shelf life : Shelf life 9 months from the date manufacturing in tightly closed conditions at 25oC.

Usage : Some filler may settle during transport and storage, so that mix properly before using the compound. NEURON-HG can be applied with standard silk-screen printing equipment. It cures under the influence of heat or moisture from the air. Pigments can be added upto 5% if desired or pigmented NEURON-HG also available as per the customer requirement.

Cure conditions : For a coating thickness of about 0.1mm in circulating oven.

• 150oC - 30 min
• 200oC - 30 min
• 175oC - 5 min with steam.

Safety Information : NEURON-HG-may releases some by products in the form of vapors, these vapors may harmful to health if inhaled for long periods or in high concentrations. Hence good ventilation required in the work area. MSDS also available on request from your nearest dealer or distributor.





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